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By Malina was founded in 2010 by Malin Ek Andren and ever since the brand has stayed true to its original vision: sophisticated femininity, a passion for detail and a love of colour and print. By Malina has always been the go-to brand for women who love irresistible patterns and timeless silhouettes. Developing each season to a wider range of clothing, starting as the obvious brand to visit after RSVPing to the late summer weddings to get that perfect wedding guest dress. Today By Malina is so much more than just saying yes to the dress brand, offering everything from loungewear, casual workwear, resort wear, upscale outerwear to outside-the-gym-friendly workout clothes. We also got you covered for the big day when you need the dress with a capital D, your bridal dress. By Malina Bridal was founded in 2014 after years of experience of creating dresses for weddings, we felt it was time to tap into the bridal segment. Offering everything from fairitale extravaganza dresses, to more classic dresses and party dresses for attending the dance floor with the wedding party. After a lot of request, last year we developed a collection for the smaller travelers, matching with our womens resort collection - Mini Malina. Clothing for all kids in the ages of two to ten years old.

After spending years all around the globe and working with sourcing fabrics and getting inspired, Malin felt that it was time to give Scandinavia some colour. In 2010 Malin started By Malina, today By Malina is known for the use of bright colours and patterns, that contributes to making the designs and pieces stand out most amazingly. These designs and patterns breathe the colourful and energetic world that is embodied in By Malina.


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