Cocoa Cashmere

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Cocoa Cashmere
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    Cocoa Cashmere
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      Cocoa Cashmere
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        We're all about creating cashmere that's gorgeous to the hand and eye, that's a perfect joy to slip into and to feel good about. Because from first touch to much-loved favourite, cashmere is personal. We understand that.
        It's why each piece in a Cocoa Cashmere collection begins life as the purest white and softest hair, combed from our own, free-ranging goats in Inner Mongolia, on our own farms, and spun by people we trust - our family. 
        There's no other way to create cocoacashmere with such a sensuous feel, with a quality that lasts and resists pilling. Or to give our signature pops of Cocoa colour the intensity that we love.


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