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Marc and Esther López, a husband and wife duo, launched the Spanish clothing line Manebi in 2010. The couple's travels and their passion for art and culture served as the inspiration for the brand's well-known, elegant, and cosy footwear.

Espadrilles, sneakers, mules, boots, and other styles of shoes and sandals can be found in Manebi's collections. The company is renowned for its attention to detail and craftsmanship, as well as for using premium materials including leather, suede, and canvas. Manebi's footwear is made with comfort in mind, and the company is renowned for using flexible soles and cushioned insoles.

Manebi's dedication to sustainability is one of the elements that sets it different from other fashion companies. The company partners with manufacturing facilities that uphold strict ethical and environmental standards, and it uses recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible. Manebi also employs a number of programmes to lessen their carbon footprint, including energy-efficient manufacturing techniques and emission offsets.

Manebi has developed a devoted fan base and is now a well-liked option among celebs and fashion influencers. The company has also won various honours and prizes, including the Spanish Design Award for Best Spanish Fashion Brand and being selected a finalist in the Spanish Fashion Awards.

Despite its popularity, Manebi stays faithful to its origins and draws inspiration from travel, art, and culture. Each season, the business introduces new trends and designs that are incorporated into its collections. Manebi has clothing for every occasion, whether you're searching for something more informal and refined or something more formal and comfy.


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